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    Fortimo FastFlex gen 4+

    Flexible LED system approach for outdoor and industry LED lighting

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    Fortimo FastFlex gen 4+
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        Informace o řadě výrobků

        Fortimo FastFlex gen 4+ has been developed to be backwards compatible with generation 4 and is the trusted ‘one-fits-all-solution’. The product family offers a large selection of LED modules and adds value through its compatibility with third-party lenses. Unlimited optical configurations and luminaire performances are enabled to match every project in outdoor and industry applications.


        Large selection of LED modules
        Optical differentiation thanks to compatibility with third-party lenses
        Short time to market with lenses from standard FastFlex portfolio matching every project’s needs


        Excellent quality of light with CRI 70 and 80 in a range of color temperatures
        Range includes 2200, 2700, 3000, 4000, 5000, 5700 K color temperatures
        Wide lumen output range to match every application need
        Optical flexibility via standard FastFlex lenses or third-party lenses
        Five-year system warranty


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